The end is nigh…or is it neigh? Humans might be an apex predator, but plenty of animals have the ability to end the world as we know it. Bunnies, cats, dogs, and alpacas might all seem cute at first glance but just wait until they let loose and cause an apocalypse the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

"Something was sorting through his bag of extra clothes. Burt grabbed a bottle of beer to use as a bludgeon, then thought better of it and grabbed the flashlight. As quietly as he could, he crept forward. Just as he reached the end of the freezers, he jumped forward and yelled, bringing his arm back to throw the flashlight. Beside the pilots seat, half-buried in his bag was a long thin tail ending in a flat diamond-shape. As Burt came in, the rest of the creature hurriedly extracted itself from his bag and squawked at him."
Time-traveling Fisherman

If you had one chance to save the world, would you take it? Maybe that last bullet could kill a merciless dictator. Maybe that last vaccine could cure a rampant disease. Maybe that last frame on a roll of film could bring peace to the world. 20 authors from across the globe consider a world where one final action could shape the events of the future forever.

"This beautiful landscape was not home to her, and it wasn’t supposed to be. Millions of people on Earth would hopefully call one or more of these planets home someday, but not her. She allowed herself a few seconds of pure enjoyment, then turned it off. Attachment was not permitted. With an analytical eye, she noted the abundant plant life, lifesigns indicating an active ecology, the distance to fresh water sources, and the flat red meadows where the colonies could be constructed. Regardless of whether or not this planet was suitable, she would continue on, finding other planets that could be colonized as humanity grew and expanded, outrunning its own destruction."
Alize Desari
Last hope for Humanity

Cats have been our companions since long before they graced the temples of Ancient Egypt. In addition to being members of our families, they have also stood with us through difficult times. From keeping pests and vermin away from our food stores to providing a comforting paw when we have been wounded; cats have been our sidekicks and friends in many different battles. 

Cat Tails—War Zone contains twenty-five stories from Ancient Egypt to the far-flung future, about some amazing cats who have served as compatriots during war times. But beware, for they can also be tricksters sent to teach lessons.

"Hide, hissed the cat and she darted out of sight under a fallen shop sign. Jasper followed, her heart pounding in her chest. The sliding and crunching grew louder and she shoved her way in with the cat. She growled, crawling onto Jasper's lap so she could see out. An old and familiar feeling gnawed at her belly. Worse than the unease when she'd first returned after her tour on Mars and found herself despised and threatened, this reminded her of impending battle. Only a deadly enemy could make her feel this kind of true fear."
ex-soldier, Mars Incident

What would the world be like if you could hire Velociraptor rides for your daughter’s birthday, race them through jungles, or buy them at the local pet store? Fourteen authors from around the world delve into the prospect of domesticated Velociraptors in these stories full of adventure, wonder, and possibilities. Come explore realities where Velociraptors protect the land, take over kingdoms, and get tamed by grandmothers in the second anthology from the Midnight Writers.

"A metal crate shifted in a side street as she passed, and she paused, listening. Something about it was familiar, but she didn't trust her hearing anymore. She heard it again and saw the corner of the crate shift, letting a thin stream of moonlight through. Some scratching then a snort. Her heart leapt in her chest. Crouching, she peered around the crate, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. On the other side, she saw a dark shape with a single glittering eye, holding something in its mouth. A small raptor looked up at her, barely high enough to reach her knees."
ex-R9 officer, scrounger

The first anthology from The Midnight Writers. Contact: Follow the crew of a steamship as they seek to make contact with an alien race. Guardian: Join the guardian of a Native American tribe as he defends against a hunter seeking a magical artifact. The Worm People: Follow a young orphan in his new position as the transporter, bringing back much-needed medicine from the mysterious Worm People.

"With a flourish, Killian pulled a pair of goggles over his face and flipped a giant metal switch on the side of his invention. Singh felt a great rumbling in his feet. Was it coming through the deck? No, it was everywhere. He felt it in his chest, as if a locomotive was about to burst through his ribs. Teeth chattered, and he clenched his jaw to keep them from cracking. The sailors he could see were as white-faced and rigid as he felt. The rumbling intensified. He reached out and grasped the deck railing in a desperate attempt to ground himself to something, but it only made it worse, vibrating so much it was nearly painful. Immediately he let go, struggling to keep on his feet as it worsened."
Lieutenant Fazal Singh
on board the steamship H.M.S. Citadel